Probation Services

Alongside the expertise we have acquired through recruiting for the Probation sector, Servoca have also developed the capability to provide outsourced solutions for the delivery of Probation services.

Over the years we have established working relationships with CRCs and before that Probation Trusts nationally, providing predominantly temporary staff around Community Payback as well as Probation Officers, Probation Service Officers, Placement Managers, Project and Work Programme Managers.

Our work with one particular trust saw their Community Payback group stand down rate reduced to practically zero. This gave us a unique insight into the operational challenges that CRCs have faced whilst delivering their Community Payback programmes.

During the initial Transforming Rehabilitation bidding process, we partnered as a material subcontractor within a Probation Trust led mutual, providing the outsourced Community Payback solution. Despite the fact that Community Payback within the area was already well run, they felt that our involvement could enhance the delivery of the Community Payback Programme even further. Although ultimately unsuccessful in winning the CPA, this feeling appears to have been supported by the MOJ in that we achieved a "B" Grading in the Bid Evaluation for the section relating to Community Payback.

We therefore have a scalable organisational structure in place that can provide either total or modular service delivery in relation to probation services that can be deployed on a local basis as required.

To discuss a bespoke Servoca Managed Service solution, please email or call us on 0207 747 3044.