Independent Investigations

Servoca Managed Services deliver bespoke hands-on, managed and outsourced services covering a range of investigative needs from Child Protection through to Human Resources and conduct to professional standards. We have extensive experience in working within the police, education, criminal and civil justice sectors, and provide investigation services in a variety of arenas, with all investigations managed and quality assured by former senior police investigators.

Our independent investigation clients are organisations who require professional and thorough investigations into anything ranging from defamatory allegations to gross misconduct in the workplace or areas beyond. Predominantly centred around conduct related issues, our investigators come from varied backgrounds, primarily Policing, Education and Human Resources.

One of our significant awards in this area was for Servoca Managed Services to work on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government, to manage the Welsh Government's Independent Investigation Service for child protection allegations against school staff. Under this arrangement, Servoca investigated child protection allegations and allegations of gross misconduct made against school staff and to report back to the Welsh Assembly Government on the activity of the service at regular intervals.

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