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Having built a reputation as a quality service provider within the world of Probation recruitment, Servoca Resourcing Solutions was appointed a First Tier Supplier of contingent resource to the Probation Service.

Working closely with the Probation Service, we have developed a service and supply chain to help them meet their mission to protect the public and to prevent victims by changing lives; a mission that complements and allows us to demonstrate Our Values (hyperlink to Our Values page) every day.

Why Work With The Probation Service

Probation services have multiple aims that relate to protecting against further offences (protecting the public, empowering those that commit crimes to want to make positive changes and reducing the likelihood of reoffending) and addressing the harm caused by the original offence (highlighting the effects of crime on victims and facilitating appropriate punishment).

2021 has seen major reform to probation services, reform that offers a valuable opportunity to not only stabilise the probation landscape, reinforce its ethics and ensure that core services are properly delivered, but also to innovate and improve the way these services are delivered such that they can better achieve probation’s key aims. SRS are determined to help the Probation Service see those changes come to fruition and are constantly on the look out for candidates who not only have the skills and experience to make it happen, but also want to contribute to that change.

If you would like more information or to discuss the opportunities we can offer with the Probation Service, call us on 0207 747 3044 or complete the form below.

Latest Vacancies with The Probation Service

You can search here for specific roles we have with the Probation Service or click below to voew all of our current live roles. 

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Band 2 Residential Worker, in an approved premises setting working with High Risk Offenders in a residential setting.
I am seeking an experienced Probation Officer to work out of an office in Swansea
I am currently looking for a Probation Officer for the South Wimbledon NPS office
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The Probation Service Team

The Probation Service team is led by Lee Chapman working alongside Elise Harnwell and Frank Mashasha. Lee and Elise are well known throughout the temporary Probation recruitment world and bring their significant experience and expertise to support candidates and clients alike involved with the account. Frank having come from a CRC temp recruitment background is making great strides in emulating his more experienced colleagues.