Umbrella Companies

Being paid through an umbrella company is a hassle free way of working via an agency whilst allowing you to potentially maximise your take home pay compared to standard PAYE processing. When you join an umbrella company, you are considered an employed individual and the umbrella company will look after all of your Tax and National Insurance deductions, paying you on a weekly basis following submission of your timesheet to the agency, and any receipted expenses to the umbrella company.

Servoca Resourcing Solutions only work with a small number of umbrella companies who have been selected for the following reasons;

  • They all have expertise in the Criminal & Civil Justice sectors and understand many of the issues and working patterns associated with working in law enforcement
  • They are all fully compliant with HMRC legislation and are based in the UK
  • They have all passed financial checks to ensure that they are financially robust
  • They are either FCSA or Professional Passport approved
  • The sign up process is simple and takes about 5 minutes.  You can contact them using the details provided below, and they will be happy to provide you with an accurate no-obligation illustration, which will allow you to get an idea, based on your rate and expected hours, of what your net pay will be each week.  This illustration can be emailed to you and at this point, you can decide which one you would prefer to sign up with.

With the recent spate of umbrella companies that have fallen foul of HMRC good practice checks including several that major institutions such as the NHS will not allow any contract workers to be engaged through, it is important that the umbrella companies that our contractors use are considered absolutely minimum risk for the good of clients and contractors alike.

You can Click Here for information from the HMRC on the use of umbrella companies.


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