Specialising in temporary, fixed term and permanent contract opportunities, we look to match your skills and ambitions with the needs of our clients. We take the time to talk to candidates and try to understand more than just what your CV may tell us. With that information we can discuss you with prospective employers so that both sides understand and can communicate what the other party can offer them.

Whether this is your first career move in 30 years, if you are looking for your next temporary assignment after your current or last one has come to a natural end, or looking to rejoin the world of work in any of the sectors we work in, we are ideally placed to help you make the most of the opportunities we have in the areas of Investigation, Intelligence, Enforcement, Rehabilitation and Resettlement.

We pride ourselves on our efforts both to do what is expected as well as to go above and beyond the expectations of our candidates, by building rapport, trust and loyalty and doing what we say we
are going to do. Whether that is something as simple as returning a call or making you aware you qualify for a referral fee for someone we have placed a year after you gave us their details.

From writing a CV, to accessing refresher or new training opportunities and skills as well as ultimately placing you in a role, our team of trained and experienced recruitment professionals can help you throughout the process to a successful and satisfactory conclusion.

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