Elise Harnwell

Elise joined SRS in 2018 and it was her first dedicated sales role having worked in health and beauty until then. However her beautician experience not only made her immediately popular within the office but the skills she brought with her endeared her to candidates and clients in a very short space of time.

She lists her social life, having things to look forward to and work when it’s going well under her Likes with stress, Coronavirus and not having things to look forward to under Dislikes.

For her, the best thing about working at SRS is the team, “There is so much support and understanding from the whole team. As well as the recognition that you get” 

Favourite Karaoke Song? Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

My latest Jobs

Band 2 Residential Worker, in an approved premises setting working with High Risk Offenders in a residential setting.