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Public & Third Sector

Latest Jobs

Case Builder - Preston

Resourcer - Central London

Account Manager - Central London

Investigator -

NPS Probation Officers required - Merseyside - Wirral - 25 to 26.19 per hour

Investigator - Sheffield

Typist - Sheffield

Experienced Probation Officer required - NPS Blackburn & Burnley - Burnley - 25 to 26.19 per hour

Cellphone Examiner - Liverpool

DMI Office Manager - Sale

MIR Office Manager, Hillsborough - Warrington

Investigations Supervisor - Sussex

NPS Probation Officers required - Oxford - Aylesbury - 25 to 26.19 per hour

NPS Probation Officers required -Plymouth - Plymouth - 25 to 26.19 per hour

NPS Probation Service Officers required -Plymouth - Plymouth - 18 - 19 per hour

NPS Probation Officers required - Coventry - Coventry - 24 - 26 per hour

Intelligence Officer - Pimlico/Vauxhall

Probation Officer - Manchester/Chester

Experienced Probation Officer required - Crewe - Crewe - 25 to 26.19 per hour

Probation Officers Required for Prison- NPS Manchester - Wilmslow - 25 to 26.19 per hour

Experienced PO's and PSO's required - NPS Manchester - Atherton - 19.87 - 26.19 per hour

NPS Probation Officers required - Lancashire - Burnley - 19.87 - 26.19 per hour

Probation Service Officer- Crawley -

Experienced PO's and PSO's required - NPS Midlands - Coventry - 19.87 - 26.19 per hour

Probation Service Officer-Chatham -

Probation Officer- Redhill -

Probation Service Officer - Redhill - Redhill

Fingerprints Expert - Tamworth

Investigation Support Officer - Preston

Lead Investigator - Warrington

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With a database consisting of over 12,000 investigation, intelligence, enforcement and compliance skilled individuals, Servoca Resourcing Solutions have successfully placed temporary, contract and permanent staff into numerous central and local government organisations, ALMOs, NDPBs, NGOs and charities.

Whatever they are, regulatory bodies, government intelligence agencies, local authorities, registered social landlords or any other public or third sector bodies, Servoca are well placed to identify and supply skilled candidates to fulfil any number of roles related to the investigative process, whether they be criminal or civil justice related.

Align this with more specialist skills such as an in depth legislative knowledge of PACE, RIPA, CPIA and POCA, practical skills and experience in fraud, financial investigation and money laundering, security and crime prevention, forensics and cyber crime, intelligence handling, research and analysis as well as multi-agency and external partnership development, you are presented with a tip of the iceberg view of the type of roles we can supply.

Whether by direct supply or through recognised public sector frameworks, our qualified and accredited team are able to address your contingent or longer term recruitment needs.

To discuss how we can apply our expertise to meet your needs please call 0207 747 3044 or click here to email us.



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