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Servoca Resourcing Solutions is a recruitment and solutions organisation that specialises in working with former police officers and other skilled civilian resource experienced in working within police forces and related organisations.

The Police Service continues to face some of the biggest challenges of resources and resource management in its history, whilst being tasked with maintaining services and reducing crime. Budget cuts and efficiency savings have already become everyday phrases in any conversation related to UK police forces. At the same time, increasingly numerous warranted officers are tied up with projects, administration and other activities that in many cases could be outsourced, or carried out by a civilian.

Servoca Resourcing Solutions have an established proactive and responsive solution offering for the police service in a wide range of disciplines, from the provision of temporary staff for specific roles as well as fixed term and permanent recruitment for non-warranted positions.

Through our extensive database we are currently supplying forces with former police officers and specialist support staff to undertake roles including but not limited to the following areas:


  • Accredited Financial Investigators
  • Fraud Officers
  • Intelligence Analysts & Researchers
  • ANPR Intercept Teams
  • Statement taking
  • Investigative Assistants
  • Cold case preparation


  • Covert Surveillance
  • Witness Protection
  • Family Liaison
  • Public Protection
  • Multi-Agency
  • Forensics
  • Professional Standards
  • Policy & Procedures


  • PCSO
  • PNC
  • Leadership and Management
  • Surveillance
  • Driver
  • Law

These are examples of roles which we can assist with, but by no means what we are limited to supplying.

Servoca Resourcing Solutions approach includes a high level of security, integrity and quality assurance ensuring the delivery of suitably qualified personnel for your requirements.

Whatever the location or requirement of your force, all your needs will be given dedicated attention with an appointed member of staff.

We pride ourselves on being cost effective and understanding the financial limitations of the public sector; many Forces have benefited from this by using our temporary staff in innovative ways.

To discuss how we can apply our expertise to meet your needs please call 0207 747 3044 or click here to email us.


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Major Investigations

  • SOCOs / CSIs
  • House 2 House Enquiry Teams
  • POLSA Search Officers
  • CCTV Seizure and Viewing Teams
  • Analysts
  • Holmes 2


  • Property Officers
  • Control Room Staff
  • Crime Prevention Officers
  • Front Desk Officers
  • Audio Typist
  • IT Support Staff
  • Corporate Staff
  • PNC Operatives
  • Custody / Detention
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